ChapelFinal  This is the Chapel at Glasgow University, one of my favourite photographic challenges.

The daylight here at any time of the day is difficult, due to the large University buildings around the chapel casting shadows and blocking angles, and the number of lights of different types inside.

This time, I think I have got a pretty fair representation of what the place looked like, without blowing out the windows (too much!). This is my fifth attempt at this, and given that the place is open to all almost all day (including those who come to worship) getting a clear shot is always difficult.


There are some fabulous shots of this on-line, but my guess is they were not taken with a super zoom that has a 1 2/3 inch sensor.

For the technically minded, this is a processed jpeg produced from 3 bracketed RAW shots converted to tifs in Raw Therapee, blended to one tif in gimp, processed again in Raw Therapee, and finished off in gimp.

Click on it to see the bigger jpeg.