Here is my 27″ iMac for sale.

The iMac displaying a well-known local landmark

The iMac displaying a well-known local landmark


And here are the extras that come with it…

Added extras

Added extras

– Adobe Photoshop elements and Premier elements – both version 11

– Apples Aperture version 3 – upgrades are free, but big!

– This iMac came with Leopard – I am supplying it with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6, updated to the latest version at time of sale)

– An Apple extra monitor connection (Mini Display Port to DVI) – it can drive an external monitor at 2560×1600

-Apple extended keyboard (wired, ’cause I hate changing batteries)

-Magic Mouse, which I didn’t use after a while ’cause I hate changing batteries.

– Apple remote, which I never found much of a use for.

– A WD “MYBook” 2 Terrabyte disk drive for Time Machine backups or extra content.


Here is the obligatory Hardware Info shot:

Hardware Info

Hardware Info


History – you never know, it might be worth a read!

I bought this in late 2010 or early 2011 (can’t remember which) and within 3 weeks the DVD drive wouldn’t recognise more than 1 in 5 DVD’s. Apples answer was to send it back or take it into an Apple store. Not really practical, as it weighs a ton! My solution was to buy an external USB dvd drive.

Fast forward to a year later, the DVD drive hadn’t got any worse, but I started to notice brownish streaks on the screen. I wasn’t too worried about them, as they were quite faint, and didn’t interfere with much.

Fast forward another 12 months, and while the DVD was no worse, the brownish streaks were. Time to invoke the Apple care warranty, which I always take out with Apple products – it’s expensive, but costs less than a new screen. I also got the DVD drive replaced, and it now works fine, but through habit I still use the USB one.

Apart from those two things (and the brownish streaks were subject to a large discussion that went on for years on the Apple forums – Apple just replaced them if you asked, but never admitted that it was a fault), this machine has been on and working every day since I bought it. I use it as a media centre (great for movies, both downloads and DVDs) – it has decent speakers but audiophiles will want better 😉 –  and as a general purpose software coding machine, to work on websites, to compile software, and to play (older) games, but the main use is to edit photographs and play around with AV’s and audio creation.

The only reason I am selling it is because I will never be able to afford to replace it with another Apple machine, so I am going back to PC’s which can be upgraded a component at a time when money is available.


The Deal

For £700 cash on delivery, I will:

– deliver (within 25 miles of Irvine) all the above goods

– set it up in your house/office/wherever and make sure it is working.

– walk you through the account creation process, as it will be delivered with factory default software settings.

– get it on to the Internet if you have an Internet connection.

I will not:

– install any extra software

– supply any sort of warranty at all for anything – come on folks, it’s second hand, and you will see it working before you pay.

– supply any sort of support for either hardware or software unless you pay me for it. (sorry, but I’ve been caught before with this one.)


If you have any questions you are welcome to send me your phone number (and a preferred time, if you like)  at, and I will give you a ring to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading this far 🙂



PS – here is a link to the full specs on this model.




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